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Connecting Dots

Connecting the Dots of Compliance & Risk Managment

Bring your compliance program to life with end-to-end compliance solutions

Lexxo specializes in statutory compliance services and provides risk management solutions for companies in India & overseas.

Our services include Compliance Management, Outsourced Compliance Services, Legal Audits, GLC Content Development, Global Sanctions Compliance, Contract Abstraction, Document Management, Litigation Management Services, Compliance Awareness, Legal Updates Services, and Training Programs.

We provide compliance management software that come packed with tailor-made legislative compliance data. The CMS tool helps businesses gain real-time insights into the applicable compliance activities and risk exposure. 

We reduce the risk of contractual violations and allow you to transact with stakeholders in a secure environment. Our expertise in contract management, contract structuring, vetting, and management assists you to reduce the risk of contractual violations.

We assist in chalking out an all-encompassing ethics policy and also enable the implementation of the policy while empowering you to monitor the enforcement through effective documentation, automation and audit.

We offer stand-alone compliance support and study your business processes to understand legislative applicability, risks, and associated tasks that satisfy compliance parameters and create a compliance data manual for organisations.

We specialize in due diligence that goes beyond ticking checkboxes. We deliver comprehensive reports, broken down into doable tasks, processes, and responsibilities of process owners to provide a detailed view of your compliance status gaps if any, and the risk accrued as a result of non-compliance.

We track applicable legislations and ensures that your register of environmental, labor, health & safety legislations along with all other applicable laws contain the relevant laws to exactly match the requirements of your services, products, and processes. 

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